Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Personal and Small Commercial Use is Ok.

At all times, Copyrights of all Joee Ink Designs belong to me, Joanne Grant.  By purchasing my digital products you are being granted permission to use them in your personal and small handmade business.

Commercial use is restricted to small, handmade companies.  If you are unsure, please read the following acceptable and unacceptable uses and/or contact me at joee@joeeink.com.

Acceptable Commercial Use

  1. You may only use the graphics as a part of your design.  Under no circumstances can the graphics be resold as is, printed and resold, or be sold on their own in any way.
  2. Printed Paper Goods:  You may use the graphics on printed-paper goods such as invitations, stationary, party goods, photo cards, teacher’s resources, classroom materials, and similar items.  Digital files must be flattened and sold in PDF or JPG formats.
  3. Graphic Design:  You may use these designs on services such as logos, branding/marketing materials for both yourself and clients; however, they must be part of a design and not the whole design.
  4. Blogs/Website:  You may use the graphics in designing websites and blogs for yourself or others.
  5. You may use the designs on small handmade products.  You may use the graphics to create craft items, but the graphics must be a part of the design and not the whole design.

Unacceptable Commercial Use

  1. CaféPress, Zazzle and Similar companies:  Joeeink designs may not be used on any print on demand products.
  2. Freebies:  You may not use the graphics on any freebies or giveaways.  This also includes being given away on your own personal website/blog.
  3. Embroidery Design:  you may not use the graphics for any digital embroider applications.
  4. Fabric:  you may not use the designs on any fabric or patterns for fabric.
  5. Digital Scrapbooking:  you may not use the graphics to create and sell any digital scrapbooking kits.  You may use the designs for your own personal scrapbooking purposes.
  6. You may not modify or sell the designs in any clipart or digital paper sets.

* You may not copyright Joeeink graphics in any way.

* You may not redistribute the files to any other parties or claim the design as your own.

* You cannot alter the designs in any way, for instance, changing color, adding elements, changing the layout, and then claim them as your own, resell them, or redistribute them.

* You may not use Joee Ink Designs on profane or objectionable projects/layouts/or personal websites containing profane or objectionable material.  I retain the right to determine what is profane or objectionable and have my designs removed from websites, blogs, or materials that I deem unacceptable.

* This is not a complete list.  If in doubt, please contact joee@joeeink.com.

* All online images such as in websites/blogs must be displayed at 72dpi.

* Files will be sent via zip folder – please make sure you understand how to open this type of folder and have the appropriate software to use my graphics.

* By purchasing designs from Joee Ink Design Studio, you are agreeing to the terms of use.

Please respect the terms & conditions that are included in the downloads.


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