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Thank You Card Tutorial

Thank You Card Tutorial

Sending a “Thank You”Card never goes out of style.  Even in this day of email and texting, Thank You, really should be said with a card.

Thank You Card


Let me share a little story of how much a thank you card was appreciated.  When my youngest son was 6, he received a frog terrarium from Santa.  The tadpole, that was to become a frog, was not included in the package (for froggy safety reasons), and he needed to let Santa know he was all set up and ready for the tadpole to arrive.  He anxiously awaited the little guy to arrive in the mail.  It was February by that time and quite freezing cold outside.  Our mail carrier, who delivers our mail to a box at the end of the driveway, got out of her warm truck and rang our doorbell.  She was afraid the tadpole would freeze and die in the cold mailbox.  I asked my son to make her a card to thank her for being so thoughtful.  He drew a picture of a frog on a card and hand wrote a thank you note to her in his little boy writing.  We left it in the mailbox addressed to her.  The next time I saw her, she could not stop beaming and talking about how much she loved that card and the nice thank you from our little boy!  She still talks about it to me, 15 years later!!

I always knew writing a thank you card was the right thing to do, but never realized how much it means to people.

In addition to the usual gift receiving events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, showers, babies and so on, there are many more events in our lives that should be recognized, such as the kind gesture of our mail carrier.

I thought I would show you how to make a card using photoshop brushes or clip art and PhotoShop Elements.  PhotoShop Elements is an easy to use, inexpensive software program.  If you don’t have elements and would like to give it a try making cards, invitations, designs for blogs/websites etc, you can get it Here. (please know this is an amazon affiliate link and I do make a small commission if you buy through this link at no additional cost to you.)

You can print out 1 or 100+ cards on your printer, or have it printed up inexpensively at your local place such as Walgreens, Costco, CVS or even online Vista Print. (I use Vista Print often.  The printing is stunning, the turnaround fast, and best of all, they constantly have awesome sales!!)  Having a card all made and ready to go at moments notice sure beats needing to go out to the store to buy one.

For this card I used the  Blue and Green Doodle Paisley Clip Art and PhotoShop Brushes Set. The set includes 5 paisley designs each in 5 colors plus each paisley design in a PhotoShop Brush. If you would like to use them, you can get them Here.

To access the Doodle Paisley Thank You Card Tutorial, click the thumbnail below.


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Take GIMP to a new level with PhotoShop Brushes

Take GIMP to a new level with PhotoShop Brushes!

Did you know that PhotoShop Brushes are not just for PhotoShop?
Did you know that you can use PhotoShop Brushes in Gimp?
Because Gimp is free (you can download it Here), it is a fantastic way to try out PhotoShop brushes and all they have to offer!

Gimp is a great way to do just that…especially since it is free and PhotoShop can be quite pricey.
However, one thing that is lacking in Gimp, is the limited brushes that come standard in the download. Brushes can really up the creativity in design, so why not use some PhotoShop Brushes and take GIMP to a new level!

One of my favorite ways to have fun with brushes, is to use them like a stamp or clip art. The size of the brush (or image it creates), rotation, color, flipping the image, and so much more can be manipulated to give endless possibilities with each brush image. The brushes themselves are black, but you can add color to the brush and really do some great things!

Here are a few examples of the brushes that I made in PhotoShop and how I use them.

Custom photoshop brush

plus sign


equal sign

bridal shower invitation

It is very easy to get the PhotoShop Brushes into your GIMP brush palette.

Let’s get started:

Note: If you have an older version of GIMP (or you don’t have GIMP at all, then you will want to download it here.) If you are using a version earlier than 2.4  you will need a newer version to transfer PhotoShop brushes easily. Earlier versions required you to manually covert the brushes, tedious at best.

1. You will need to get some PhotoShop Brushes to use in GIMP. There are brushes available online, and I have a few sets here if you would like to use those.


2. Now that you have the brushes, let’s move them over to Gimp, so you can get busy making cards, invitations, scrapbook pages, and even add some excitement to your blog or website.

3. GIMP places brushes into a special folder. You must select and copy your PhotoShop Brushes to GIMP’s Brushes Folder. (If these brushes are compressed into a ZIP File (as the brushes from Joee Ink Design Studio are) you will need to open the ZIP File and copy the brushes from there.)

In GIMP, the brushes folder is located in the GIMP installation folder:
On a PC, it should look similar to this:

C:\ program files\Gimp-2.0\Share\Gimp\2.0\brushes > Paste

On a MAC it will look like this:

Finder > Applications > Gimp > Rt Click on Gimp > show package contents > contents > resources > share > Gimp > 2.0 > Brushes > Paste.

4. Copy the brushes, follow the path above, PC if you are using a PC, and MAC if you guessed it, your using a MAC.

5. Click PASTE and the brushes will go into the folder.

Not seeing the brushes in the brushes palette? Don’t worry! I got you covered!

Gimp automatically loads brushes when the program is launched. If you manually refresh the list of installed brushes, the new brushes you just loaded will appear.

To refresh list of installed brushes:

Go to the brushes palette. On the bottom, right side is a refresh icon.  Click the refresh icon and the brushes will appear.

Now it’s time to go have fun with all the cool PhotoShop Brushes that are available!!